50:50 Scarf festival ends

Well done and thank you to all of you who donated scarves to the 50:50 festival at the Gesha Cafe, and to those who regularly dropped in to check on it and to keep the display looking good.  A special thanks to Soosie Jobson who organised the project but due to surgery, was unable to see the fruits of her labours.  Thanks also to Daniel, Martina and the staff from the Gesha Cafe for letting us use their Cafe, and providing such great support and assistance throughout the month.

We had 32 Feltwest members contribute scarves, and reached our target of 50 scarves.   By the end of the project on 31st July, we had raised $2,000 for the Funds for Freedom project.  There were a few scarves left, and the Funds for Freedom project will be able to use these for future fundraising activities.